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Dawgography Update: The Who, What, Where, Why, How, and Especially When of Being a Georgia Bulldogs Fan

By now, everyone knows that the Dawgography is the new sensation that’s sweeping Bulldog Nation, prompting participation even from those who did not sign up originally to take part. This is strongly encouraged and entirely welcome.

However, in order to ensure that those who signed up for a designated spot in the order are not confused over whether and when they should proceed, I thought it would be wise to revisit the list and size up where we stand. Here was the original scheduled sequence:

  1. Southern Dawg
  2. vineyarddawg
  3. podunkdawg
  4. RedCrake
  5. SG Standard
  6. DavetheDawg
  7. NCT
  8. oneloyaldawg
  9. EdDawg
  10. Corbindawg
  11. tankertoad
  12. EricBDawg
  13. CoachSpurlock
  14. Anthony Pace
  15. katdawg
  16. Dawgomatic,forthePeople
  17. Dawglicious
  18. BarnettShoals

Those whose Dawgographies already have appeared have their names linked to their autobiographical fanposts, for which I thank them all. I am grateful, as well, to those who have jumped in afterwards; as I noted at the outset, this is very much a "the more, the merrier" proposition.

If, however, you signed up and weren’t sure where we stood in the rotation, the above list should let you know where you stand. Unless I am mistaken, NCT is at bat, oneloyaldawg is on deck, and we will pick up the list in order thereafter starting with Corbindawg. In the meantime, anyone else who wants to join in the fun should feel free to sign up for a slot in the comments below. Thanks again for your participation.

Go ‘Dawgs!