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Mark Richt Says Georgia Bulldogs' Thursday Practice "Stunk"

At the rate things are going, it’s entirely possible I won’t even make it to September 4. I’m so ready for some football and so worried about the season that I’m reading something into everything. The pessimist in me wonders whether changes in practice schedules reveal a lack of imagination and innovation, whether cryptic comments about the location of the defensive coaches suggest a lack of attention to detail, and whether I ought to be worried about Seth Emerson’s latest report:

Mark Richt had to rush off to a speaking engagement so we didn’t get him for long after Friday’s practice. Here’s what he did have to say:

He was retroactively critical of Thursday’s practice.

"Did I tell you it stunk yesterday?" Richt said, looking around. "Well it did."

He came to that conclusion after watching film on Friday. . . .

Guard Cordy Glenn, dealing with mono, has been doing some indoor conditioning, with a target of returning to practice the week of the opener.

Hey, wait a minute . . . that actually sounds all right, doesn’t it? Coach Richt didn’t react rashly and didn’t tip his hand, but he reviewed the films promptly and came to a conclusion in time to address whatever problems existed at the next practice. Yeah, I don’t have a problem with that at all.

Regarding Cordy Glenn, I’m glad to hear he’s making progress, but, if what I heard in high school about how a fellow went about contracting mononucleosis was accurate, any activity euphemistically referred to as "indoor conditioning" isn’t the best way of treating what ails him, if you know what I mean.

Go ‘Dawgs!