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Where Will the Georgia Bulldogs' Defensive Coaches be on Game Day, and How Much Should We Worry About It?

We’re getting so close to football, I can taste it. (By "football," I mean real football, not that weak fake NFL preseason junk.) Manic Kyle is ready for some football, Depressive Kyle is scared to death but can’t look away, and both are battling it out in the man cave while parsing the minutiae of every scrap of information to come out of Athens.

First, I they fretted over the significance of the practice time change. Now, I am they are of two minds over this:

Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo will call plays from the field again. Bobo had considered going back up to the press box, but dealing with the young quarterbacks was evidently a big factor in staying on the field.

Head coach Mark Richt said the defensive staff has also decided on who will be where on gamedays, but he wasn't sure on specifics.

I am We are all for Coach Bobo calling plays from the field. That proved to be a good change last year, if for no other reason than that his close proximity to the players prevented him from becoming detached, thereby keeping the offensive coordinator from striving for "balance" and focusing him on the need to run the damn ball.

What am I are we to make of the second part of Seth Emerson’s report, though? There are two possibilities:

  1. Mark Richt knows he made good hires on the defensive side of the ball, and he properly is demonstrating a great deal of trust in Todd Grantham. Rather than meddling and micromanaging, Coach Richt is delegating appropriately and showing the level of faith in his defensive coordinator that will allow Coach Grantham to get the most out of the Georgia defense without his boss looking over his shoulder and fiddling with what he is trying to accomplish.
  2. Mark Richt has followed in Bobby Bowden’s footsteps all along the way, so it is not surprising that he reached this point, although, really, Coach Bowden at least made it into his late 70s before his age caught up with him. Coach Richt has lost control of this program. He is so out of touch that he doesn’t even know where his coaches will be during the game. He doesn’t even know what’s going on out there anymore. We are so totally sunk, it ain’t even funny.

Yeah, all right, maybe he just didn’t happen to have that information at his fingertips, and there’s nothing more to it than that, but what’s the sense in treating an SEC head football coach like an ordinary human being rather than assuming that everything he says is a referendum on the state of the program?

Go ‘Dawgs!