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Wednesday Night Dawg Bites

I was somewhat out of the loop yesterday, when a two-year-old with a fever kept me home from the office. Fortunately, my daughter is feeling better and I am back at work, so here are a few updates I missed and you might have, as well:

Jujdawg mentioned it, so I am passing along some helpful information for those of you who will be attending the Georgia-Colorado game. The Colorado Dawgs are selling tickets to a fan tailgate party on the UC CU [sic.] campus. The get-together begins five hours before kickoff and is located on the Business Field, a quarter-mile from the stadium. Although the tickets are a little pricey ($26 per person, plus a service fee), that gets you burgers, hot dogs, and complimentary beer for those who are over 21. Yes, complimentary beer. Tickets must be purchased in advance and may be obtained here. Please drink responsibly . . . seriously.

Jason Kirk asked, so I am announcing that I am in favor of this idea, even though I know good and well that every Atlanta sports history moment prior to 1966 is going to be Georgia Tech-related and virtually every Atlanta sports history moment between 1966 and 1989 is going to stink for the home team.

Have you ever wondered which 20 fans were the most devoted boosters in college football? Wonder no more . . . and, yeah, the bald guy whose wife paints his head before sending him to Sanford Stadium every Saturday made the list.

Where was the idea for this excuse when Twitter was getting me into so much trouble with everyone? Meanwhile, even hackers get it right sometimes, and the dominoes are falling again. Probable effect on the SEC: zero, once you get past this. Still, it ought to be fun to watch, and you didn’t really think we were done with all the eyebrow-raising storylines this offseason, did you?

Despite reports that he was Athens-bound, James Wilder, Jr., committed to Florida State. The moral of the story is that, when it comes to recruiting, you shouldn’t believe it ‘til you see it.

Speaking of recruiting, apparently, it’s not enough for our enrolled student-athletes to keep getting into trouble; now our verbal commitments may be getting in on the act, as well. First, Christian LeMay was hit with a 30-day suspension that led him to forego his senior season, now Wilcox County has gotten involved in a post-scrimmage brawl. The Patriots, you may recall, are led by Bulldog commit Nick Marshall, and the incident is under investigation. Here’s hoping Marshall’s involvement is determined to be minimal.

I’m trying to eat better and exercise more, so why is Kentucky Fried Chicken doing this to me?

Finally, I know the U.S. News & World Report methodology is flawed, but it’s good to know that the academic reputation of the University of Georgia continues to rise. The knee-jerk SEC-bashers in the Midwest and the "U[sic.]GA" message-board mouth-breathers on North Avenue need to get some new lines. For all the Gator fans’ grousing about us, we get tarred with the broad brush of silly stereotypes way too often ourselves.

Go ‘Dawgs!