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The Power of Positive Thinking: Other Bloggers' Favorable Assessments of the Georgia Bulldogs

When even fans of a team that has lost to your team 15 times in the last 19 seasons remark that your weblog is "never a bastion of overconfidence," perhaps it’s time for you to look ever so slightly on the bright side. Since I am constitutionally incapable of such a thing, though, I’ll let others do it for me, starting with Mark Schlabach:

Georgia's Mark Richt might have a future as a travel guide if he ever gives up coaching. In Richt's nine seasons, the Bulldogs are a remarkable 33-6 in games played at opponents' home stadiums. Georgia is 11-3 in true road games against ranked opponents and 26-5 on SEC foes' home fields.

Feeling good? No? All right, then, take it away, Team Speed Kills:

Georgia takes the inter-divisional crown for this span. It would appear that Mark Richt's problem is coaching an East program rather than a West program. Someone should remind Auburn or Arkansas or someone the next time one of their jobs come open.

Still not enough? All right, check out this prediction from Track ‘Em Tigers:

Georgia Coach Mark Richt shocks the college football world by winning the SEC East. Unfortunately, the night before the conference championship game in Atlanta, he's caught driving around town with Queen Latifah. When police approach his car, he's seen wearing her red panties around his head. Richt tells police that Damon Evans dared him to do it.

I don’t care who you are, that’s funny!

In other news, MaconDawg and I would take this much more seriously if Dawg Sports hadn’t shared the spotlight with a fellow award-winner that went dark back in March. Still, it’s nice to be recognized.

Go ‘Dawgs!