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Incoming Basketball Recruit Cady Lalanne Denied Admission.

It appears that incoming basketball recruit Cady Lalanne has been denied admission because he did not meet NCAA initial admissions requirements. This often means (especially this time of year) that a student-athlete was counting on a class to count toward initial admission requirements which the NCAA Clearinghouse decided not to accept. The alternative in these situations is therefore usually junior college, since prep schools don't generally offer classes that count for college credit. (Football fans may remember this as the Vance Cuff conundrum). I don't know for a fact that this was Lalanne's situation, but that's what it sounds like.*

This is definitely a blow to the Hoop Dawgs, though not really a killer loss. Lalanne was expected to contribute immediately behind Trey Thompkins at power forward. Given that Trey is unlikely to be back in 2011-12, it would have been great to get him some quality minutes this season. That role will now fall to junior Chris Barnes and freshmen Donte Williams and Marcus Thornton (the reigning Georgia Mr. Basketball). Since all of them will likely be back after the coming season, we're not really too hamstrung by this. I would be far more worried about Gerald Robinson or Sherrard Brantley not being able to suit up at guard, where (no offense Matt Bucklin fanclub members) we really have a dire need to find guys who can contribute.

A punch to the gut? Yes. A knockout punch. Nah. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

*And I believe you may be able to count one prep school class for admissions purposes under certain circumstances, but I can't swear to that. Anyone with serious compliance chops, feel free to chime in. But be prepared to be chided for your chiming, because anyone with that kind of command of the NCAA rulebook probably deserves a little ribbing.