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Which is More Important for the Georgia Bulldogs: Getting the Right Athletic Director or Getting the Right Uga?

As you most likely noticed, it is Georgia Bulldogs week at Team Speed Kills. (Well, technically, it's Georgia Bulldogs and Arkansas Razorbacks week over there, but cut 'em some slack for double-booking; it has, to put it delicately, been a busy summer for the SEC, and the 'Dawgs must shoulder more than their fair share of the blame for that fact.)

As part of our conference-centric weblog's coverage of the Red and Black, C&F sent me a series of questions about Georgia in 2010. You probably could figure out that four of them dealt with Aaron Murray, Todd Grantham's 3-4 defense, the temperature of Mark Richt's chair, and the fan base's expectations for 2010.

C&F's fifth and final question took me by surprise, though. He wanted to know which was the more important choice: the hiring of a new athletic director or the selection of a new Uga.

I found this question genuinely intriguing, so I wanted to put it to you. My answers already have been submitted to C&F, so you'll be able to read what I said later in the week. Now it's your turn, though. Does it matter more that we get the right athletic director or that we get the right Uga?

Go 'Dawgs!