Ain't we all a-pullin' this tug-o-war rope in the same direction?

The moral of the story is if you think something you write might be taken the wrong way, it will be. I’ll admit, I typed out “I hope the same can be said for the performance on the field.” Then I looked at what I wrote before I posted (a novel concept for most on Twitter it seems), and thought “gee, that might come across as me telling Brandon Boykin they stunk last year.” But I decided that I just needed to change the period to an exclamation point! To show that I meant encouragement! I hope the team is also the best it has ever been! And the video too! Let’s make it happen! GATA!

Twitter is NO place to convey tone through the use of punctuation. Lesson (re)learned.

Brandon Boykin is probably one of my 2 or 3 favorite players on the team, but he doesn’t know me from Adam’s housecat. It appears he took my RT the right way at first (“that goes without saying”) but then might have had others inform him of Kyle’s post here and he replies “Ha, OK, thank you to all the fans who can converse w/ me without criticism.” I will refuse to elaborate here, but the tone of Boykin’s reply is precisely why I wish the coaching staff would ban the players from social media outlets entirely (for the same reasons as NCT (in part), I do not follow the players on Twitter).

Kyle’s referring to the video as an inspirational gimmick was a poor choice of words that I think led to this mini-drama. It is totally unfair to Kyle, however, to infer from his post that he approves of personal attacks on athletes. Certainly one can examine at the body of work at Dawg Sports and conclude that its authors (here or on Twitter) do not personally attack UGA athletes or condone the same. Ever.

RedCrake nails it, in my view: everybody’s jumpy, on edge, because of a long hot summer filled with bad news, endless CMR hot seat chatter, and the media slobbering all over the infinite awesomeness of our arch rival in the conference.

In conclusion, you had a string of communication via the internet, and nobody gave anybody else the benefit of the doubt. And we’re all huge Georgia fans! Oh sure, some of us are more electrifying kick returners than others, but we all want that W every Saturday. And let’s face it, we all want that pre-game video to rock, too.

41 days. Waiting.

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