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How Did You Become a Georgia Bulldogs Fan? It's Time to Share Your Dawgography!

Football season is almost here. SEC Media Days are done. My parking pass arrived yesterday. That means it’s time to get the Dawgographies underway.

Clearly, I have been overthinking this, what with my plans for designating days and contacting commenters individually and suchlike. Really, nothing with that level of coordination is required. Here’s what we’re going to do instead:

I’m going to make a list of everyone who expressed a willingness to draft a Dawgography. The first person on the list should feel free to draft a Dawgography and post it as a fanpost at his convenience. As soon as I see it’s there, I’ll promote it to the front page. Once the Dawgography of the first person on the list has been posted, the second person on the list is free to proceed. If it takes an hour, it takes an hour; if it takes a week, it takes a week. We’ll just go in sequence, with each person taking as much time as needed. If anyone waits longer than a week, I’ll probably send that person a private reminder message. Otherwise, I figure you’re a pretty reliable bunch, so there’s no need for me to micromanage what was, after all, a community initiative.

Here’s the list, starting with the person whose idea this was and proceeding in the order in which each other commenter responded:

1. Southern Dawg
2. vineyarddawg
3. podunkdawg
4. RedCrake
5. SG Standard
6. DavetheDawg
7. NCT
8. oneloyaldawg

Anyone who did not sign up for the first go-round may feel free to sign up in the comments below. Each additional contributor will be added to the end of the list in the order in which each volunteered agreed so to serve.

I am grateful to Southern Dawg for this fine idea, and to everyone who agreed to participate. I’m looking forward to each of your contributions.

Go ‘Dawgs!