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SEC Media Days: SB Nation Roundup Regarding Mark Richt, A.J. Green, and the Georgia Bulldogs

Mark Richt’s turn at the microphone at SEC Media Days featured no questions concerning agents, though it is open to debate whether this was due to "a voluntary hiatus," an "order" (with consequences for disobedience), or "a request on Georgia’s behalf to hold off on all questions regarding the NCAA’s investigation into AJ Green’s alleged presence at the agent-sponsored South Beach Party currently erasing half the games played in the 2009 college football season." (In the meantime, Dawg Sports has confirmed with a relative of A.J. Green’s that the star receiver was attending a family function in the Palmetto State at the time.)

The summary of Coach Richt’s remarks authored by Spencer Hall (whose presence at the event I believe to be confirmed by this photograph, unless I miss my guess as to the identity of the bespectacled plaid-clad fellow with sideburns at the center) is linked to above, and C&F’s live blog of the event is here. Coach Richt’s job security came up, though I have no idea why. For his part, A.J. didn’t know how big this was.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go wolf down a Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwich, of the sort the hardworking reporters present in the greater metropolitan Birmingham area cruelly were denied yesterday.

Go ‘Dawgs!