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SEC Media Days: Too Important To Be Left To The Professionals.

As you have probably heard, SEC Media Days kicks off today in Birmingham. Hailed by many as the official beginning to Southeastern Conference football, Media Days is one part business convention, one part tent revival and all circus. As you would expect, the folks from SBNation are all over this thing like Houston Nutt on a JUCO tailback named Elvis Helliphineux.

Unfortunately, this year's event has no Tim Tebow, no Lane Kiffin, no Dicky Lyons, no Phil Fulmer avoiding process servers, and only one Pouncey twin. Let's face it folks, this party has the potential to be lame in comparison to past years. That's where you come in.

Fill in the comments with your best questions for the assembled pigskin cognizanti. As in past years, I've included a few just to get you started:

  • For Urban Meyer: Coach, do you think Clay Travis is a virgin?
  • For Les Miles: 2 + 3 + 5. Whatcha got?
  • For Mark Richt:  Would it have killed you to invite Damon Evans to team ping pong/ice cream night?
  • For Joker Phillips: Coach how do you square your role as a disciplinarian with your other duties as a smoker and a midnight toker? And do you in fact play your music in the sun?
  • For Houston Nutt: Seriously. What. The. Hell?
  • For Derek Dooley: You're a Dapper Dan man, aren't you?
  • For Robbie Caldwell: You haven't seen Petrino hanging around Nashville, have you?
  • For Bobby Petrino: So, that Vandy job. Could pay pretty good, don't you think?
  • For Steve Spurrier: If Danny Wuerffel walked up and kicked Stephen Garcia square in the cojones, you wouldn't even pretend to try to stop him would you?
  • For Gene Chizik: How does it feel to know that this year will almost certainly come to be known as "the year before Chizik started figuring out how to screw this up?"
  • For Dan Mullen: Admit it, there had to occasionally be times in Gainesville that you told Addazio to just shut up and get you another cup of coffee. Come on, you can tell us.
  • For Nick Saban: Hypothetically speaking, if I could make your 86th scholarship player "disappear", how much, hypothetically, might that be worth? Because bloggers have bills too.

Don't let me down, people, give it your best shot below. And as always . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!