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Completely Unrelated: You've Got to Fight for Your Right to a Volvo

I do not now own, nor have I ever owned, a station wagon. This may surprise some of you, since I am, after all, a married guy in his early 40s with two small children and a house in the suburbs. You'd think I'd be the poster adult for the station wagon, but I pretty much stick with the Saturn. Unassuming and reliable; that's just how I roll.

However, when a pal of mine with a passion for station wagons gets fired up about an automotive injustice, I get fired up right along with him. So it was when Doug Gillett wrote this:

Volvo, the company that helped turn station wagons into status objects, that put the 265-horsepower V70R on the road, that once used the advertising tagline "Until Ferrari builds a station wagon," is denying us the V60 wagon you see above. That's kind of like McDonald's announcing that it's only selling Big Macs in Europe and Asia from now on. Sure, you could just go get a Quarter Pounder or even an Angus Deluxe, but what if what you really want is a fricking Big Mac? And why would McDonald's just arbitrarily deprive us of the main product they built their name on to begin with?

All right, color me officially outraged, but, come on, Doug, we're just bloggers. What can we do to correct this injustice? Evidently, that was not merely a rhetorical question, because Doug has an answer:

I'm launching a Twitter campaign (aimed at @VolvoCars_US) to demand that Volvo treat the V60 wagon as an equal: Be sure to use the hashtags #shameonyouvolvo and #freetheV60, along with whatever else you can come up with. With your help, I can force Volvo to bend to my whim and bring the V60 stateside . . .

I have done my part, so now it's your turn. Join Doug in showing Volvo that we can be adamant defenders of American consumerism and interested in fuel efficiency at the same time. Thomas L. Friedman would be proud.

Go 'Dawgs!