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Georgia Bulldogs Are Transferring, Revising the Media Guide, and Eschewing Two-a-Days

MaconDawg already mentioned the fact that Dontavius Jackson has elected to transfer out rather than remain in Athens and suffer the consequences of his dubious decisionmaking. I am disappointed, but I wish Jackson well.

In other Bulldog-related news, Georgia will be reprinting the 2010 media guide to reflect the resignation of Damon Evans. While this will set the athletic association back about $50,000, accusations of Orwellian revisionism are misplaced. We’re talking about changing approximately one per cent of the pages in the media guide in order to ensure that it is up to date about such significant matters as the identity of the athletic director; it’s not like we’re airbrushing Leon Trotsky out of the history books. It’s a good move, even if it is a little pricey.

Although the practice has been in decline in recent years, two-a-days finally will bite the dust in the Classic City this season. When the ‘Dawgs begin their preparations for the 2010 campaign on July 31, Mark Richt will not double up on the team’s allotted practice sessions. The move drew this praise from Ivan Maisel:

Georgia coach Mark Richt’s decision to drop two-a-days is a victory for practicality over tradition. Richt believes that he can accomplish more by practicing and teaching than by instilling the toughness that two-a-days instill. Whether two-a-days make players tough or are just done because they’ve always been done is a question for others to answer. If Georgia stays healthier and plays well this season, two-a-days may go the way of the I formation.

Coach Richt has made some good moves this offseason, so I will trust him on this one, and, closer to home, I will defer to those who actually played the game, but I would offer three observations, for whatever they might be worth.

First of all, I like the I formation, so I don’t care for Maisel’s analogy. Secondly, the reverse is also true; if the Bulldogs fold in the fourth quarter or frequently find themselves physically outmanned, the abandonment of two-a-days may be viewed in a very negative light. Finally, I’m somewhat suspicious of any practice regimen that lessens the emphasis on toughness. Still, Georgia conducted two-a-days only thrice in last year’s 29 practice sessions, so this isn’t a dramatic departure from recent summer schedules. I’m giving Coach Richt the benefit of the doubt on this one.

On an unrelated note, SB Nation CEO Jim Bankoff recently gave an interview on the latest upgrades at the network. It’s a good read for anyone interested in how the blogosphere operates.

Go ‘Dawgs!