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Georgia Bulldogs' 2009-'10 Sports Year Officially Finished

If you're like me, you pay regular visits to, so you're familiar with the calendar of events appearing at the bottom of the homepage on the left-hand side. That calendar showed today, June 27, as the final day of the USA Track & Field Championships, after which there are no Bulldog sporting events scheduled prior to the soccer team's exhibition game against Florida State on August 13.

That's not to say there's nothing happening in Bulldog Nation, of course. Eric Harris placed second in the 200-meter dash at the USA Junior ChampionshipsRussell Henley contributed to an American victory in the Palmer Cup, and John Isner (to whom I paid tribute on Friday) will be presenting tomorrow night's top ten list for David Letterman. (Hopefully, he'll break out some more old school Georgia gear for the occasion.)

However, while a division rival of ours will be competing in the College World Series finals this week, we can stick a fork in the Bulldogs' athletic endeavors during the 2009-'10 academic year, because they are done. Tomorrow, the offseason truly begins, and so commences the long hot summer that we all hope will signal the end of the winter of Bulldog Nation's discontent.

Is optimism warranted at this point? We shall see---Senator Blutarsky warns us that Mark Richt and Willie Martinez have talked---but, for now, I'm a little relieved to be able to relax, if only for a moment. It's been a long year, and it's good to get this one behind us.

Go 'Dawgs!