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The Day Zombie John Isner Walked The Earth.

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By now you've already heard about former Bulldog tennis star John Isner's never-ending Wimbledon match with Frenchman Nicolas Mahut, *. The thing is still not decided and still being live blogged as I type this, and frankly may never be, because it appears that Isner and Mahut are the most perfectly matched tennis players on Earth. Neither is even one skinny scintilla better than the other, and they will continue their dance of deuces until Judgment Day.

But what you may not be aware of is the Wimbledon live blog carried on by the Guardian's associate editor Xan Brooks, who probably arrived at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club thinking "this should be fun. I'll watch some world class tennis, throw out some sharp quips, and be home for tea and biscuits at 3."

But he was wrong. So, so wrong. What happens when you park an Englishman in the summer sun for 9-plus hours? A discourse on zombies, angels, Disneyland Paris and stolen rackets. I think 5:55 p.m. is approximately the point at which poor Xan slipped off into madness. This may be only tangentially UGA-related, but it's still a must-read.

*For your afternoon bonus jingoism, I'd like to note that it was the Frenchman who begged the officials to halt the match. French surrender jokes: not just for proper football anymore!