CWS Field 100% Set now

The teams are:

Bracket 1: TCU, FSU, UCLA & Florida

Bracket 2: Az State, Clemson, OU & S. Carolina,

Now normally, we'd all be rooting for the SEC, however, as you see above, the only SEC teams in the game are Florida and South Carolina. In case you don't know, I hate Florida. (So much so that when my overly sarcastic children once thought it would be funny to get me a stuffed Gator, I promptly gave it to the dog as a chew toy.) That said, given the Evil One is now at the helm at So. Carolina, I'm not overly thrilled with them either. Since I reside in OU country, they aren't on my list of favorite teams either, (seriously obnoxious fans.) We've discussed our historic rivalry with Clemson. In other words, the options just plain stink like 3 day old fish. I think I'll just ignore the whole thing. But if forced to choose, I can't bring myself to root for a non-SEC team, so I guess the Gamecocks are the lesser of the evils. At the end of the day, I'm just rooting against the Gators. Anyone have a better idea?

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