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Why David Perno Should be on the Phone Right Now

Following a 2010 baseball season that was the worst in Georgia history largely because the Diamond Dogs' pitching was epically bad, David Perno finally pulled the trigger by firing Brady Wiederhold and ending our long national nightmare. Last month, I recommended four candidates Coach Perno should consider as possible replacements for Coach Wiederhold: Vanderbilt's Derek Johnson, Virginia's Karl Kuhn, Coastal Carolina's Drew Thomas, and Lousville's Roger Williams.

The Commodores eliminated the Cardinals in regional play. The Seminoles eliminated the Commodores in super regional play. The Gamecocks eliminated the Chanticleers in super regional play. The Sooners eliminated the Cavaliers just moments ago.

In other words, as of right now, all four of the candidates I suggested are available. Dial away, Coach Perno.

Go 'Dawgs!