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The Pac-10, the Big 12, the SEC, and the Blame Game . . . Plus a Bit of Apparently Good Baseball News

These days, information about intercollegiate athletics is about as reliable as the value of German currency during the Weimar Republic, so this posting almost certainly will be out of date by the time you read it, if any of it ever was true at all, but here’s the latest:

Dan Beebe has a plan to keep the Big 12 viable. This plan hinges upon the imperiled conference commissioner’s ability to renegotiate the league’s television deal to generate more revenue without the North Division’s marquee program, the Denver television market, or a conference championship game. Describe this plan out loud and watch as your words collapse under the weight of their own crushing implausibility, at which point you will realize that the odds of this plan being adopted are between slim and none, and slim ain’t looking too good.

The more credible scenario is that Texas is making a show of considering this plan to hold the Big 12 together solely because Texas doesn’t want to come out of this looking like the bad guy. This facile public relations effort on the Longhorns’ part is such self-evident crap that it doesn’t even fool notorious dufus Stewart Mandel:

So to recap, if Big 12 crumbles, it has been/will be Neb/Mizzou/A&M's fault. NOT the school at center of Pac-16 plan. (Eye roll)

100 out of 100 mythical Montanans agree. More to the point, so do folks in College Station.

Meanwhile, A Bulldog in Exile noticed an interesting job listing that suggests strongly that David Perno may be making a move to replace Brady Wiederhold as the Diamond Dogs’ pitching coach. If true, that’s the best news I’ve heard all week . . . and the week ain’t over yet.

Go ‘Dawgs!