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So Apparently There's Some Sports Tournament Happening And The Pac-10 Isn't Even Involved.

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And thus commenced the one soccer post on Dawg Sports this year. 

I'd like to point out that if you outlaw vuvuzelas, only outlaws will carry vuvuzelas. Even international soccer functionaries know this. I've decided that I actually like the vuvuzela because it has already tweaked Cristiano Ronaldo and joined tropical heat, defective paperclips and four hour dinners of nothing but butter and red wine in one of the thickest tomes this side of War and PeaceThe French Guide To Not Winning, And The Many Reasons Why. War and Peace, by the way, is actually just the subtitle of the classic Stuff The French Have Lost At Since 1815.

But I digress. As you could probably tell from this weekend's content, conference expansion and realignment are the center of attention in these parts for the time being. And by time being, I could mean anything from the next 24 hours to the next few months, because the last time I checked there was no firm deadline for when all the intricacies have to be sorted out. The ACC and Big East could be gaining and losing confederates in September for all I know. While I'm sure meme fatigue will set in eventually, for better or worse, conference stratego may be with us for a long time.

But in the meantime if, like me, you enjoy the sport of Communists (as one south Georgia football coach/athletic director called it when a friend of mine broached the topic of starting a high school soccer team), I'd recommend you head over to SBNation's soccer site. There Adam Jacobi managed to capture the essence of vuvuzela madness by noting that:

At this point, the only thing keeping vuvuzelas from overwhelming the nation and causing full governmental collapse is the fact that they are inanimate and cannot procreate.

By the way, if I were obsessed with such things, this is where I would put the joke about Georgia Tech's football team. Anyway, SBNation is doing a great job of World Cup coverage, including a 2-0 win by the Dutch over the Danes, which will confuse 76% of Americans and 100% of Alabamians, who didn't know that Denmark and the Netherlands are actually two separate countries. Speaking of the Netherlands, go ahead and blow your horn:

and Go 'Dawgs!!!