It's Not a Done Deal, but Texas A&M to SEC Looking Better and Better


It seems like every update offers an additional indication that an Aggie power broker is pushing Texas A&M to make the culturally, geographically, and financially sensible decision to go east to the SEC rather than west to the Pac-16. I don't buy for a second that Oklahoma is still on the table, and Texas was never on the table to begin with, but the Aggies seem like an increasingly good bet. The story has gone mainstream, and it appears the votes are there, so I'm increasingly confident that this deal is going to get done, but, after the Kirby Smart debacle, I know better than to count my chickens before they've hatched. We need to hold our horses where the welcoming committee is concerned. Do I believe it's going to happen? Yes, I do . . . but it hasn't happened yet, and this Agatha Christie mystery almost certainly has a few plot twists left to come before the hay truly is in the barn. Yes, I'm gearing up to welcome the Aggies---hey, I mentioned chickens, horses, hay, and barns, didn't I?---but we'll offer a formal "howdy" when we get something official. Stay tuned, folks; we've got a heck of a week ahead of us. Go 'Dawgs!