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Cocktail Friday. Conference Asplosion Edition.

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Due to popular demand resulting from a long and stressful week of monitoring the unraveling of the college football universe, I am proud to present to you Cocktail Friday.

The discussion surrounding conference realignment has dredged up and sometimes laid bare regional allegiances that had previously been suppressed. Dr. Tom Osborne this afternoon, for example, let loose a press conference performance that made me suspect that he'd long chafed at the notion that the Big XII was basically "the Big Texas Schools plus Oklahoma". We've even seen the somewhat humorous notion that Clemson fans look down on SEC schools because of our subpar academics.

Not to mention the geographically absurd realignments being discussed. Texas in the Pacific-10? Kansas in the Big East? No wonder everybody needs a drink. And if this whole thing is going to drive you to drink, I thik you should drink something with a bit of regional integrity to it. Something we southerners can be proud of, besides our excellent SAT scores.

A spiked sweet tea.

Here's the plan. Stir together 3 cups of water and 6 cups of sugar to make a simple syrup. I also like to throw in 6-8 mint leaves for flavor, but that's totally optional. Once the mixture's smooth, set it aside to cool. In the meantime brew 6 cups of strong black tea. Use loose tea, tea bags, whatever. As long as it has that dark color reminiscent of weak coffee. I am assuming that on a blog largely devoted to southern football, no further instructions on making iced tea should be necessary.

Mix the simple syrup and tea in a tall glass over crushed ice, filling 3/4 full. Add to this 2 oz. of your favorite bourbon or whiskey. Jack Daniels works nicely, though you could go with rum if you're not a brown liquor person. There have to be 2 or 3 of you out there in SEC land. Repeat until this whole mess gets sorted out and there's actual football to be watched. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!