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The Short Version: How What the Big Ten, the Big 12, and the Pac-10 Are Doing Affects You as an SEC Fan

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All right. So. The Nebraska Board of Regents reportedly is meeting, you know, like, right now to decide officially to join the Big Ten. Where does that leave us, exactly? I’m glad you asked.

I have absolutely no idea, but, hey, I run a sports weblog, so I can just write whatever I feel like for no other reason than that it’s a day ending in "y," right?

The Big 12? Gone. Dead. Done. Finished like a Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwich. Some are sad, some are glad, some are very, very mad. Why are they sad and glad and mad? I don’t know; go ask your dad.

From the SEC’s standpoint, is Texas A&M in play? It sure looks that way, especially since the Big 12 South’s fast-track to the Pac-10 appears to have been slowed. There’s probably a reason for that, isn’t there?

The Aggies want to join the SEC. The SEC wants the Aggies to join. Texas, which increasingly is coming off as Notre Dame in a ten-gallon hat in the midst of all this ruckus, is snobbishly dismissive of both without adequate justification. Maybe it’s just me, but, if Texas A&M wants to join the SEC, the SEC wants Texas A&M to join, and the sworn enemy of both Texas A&M and the SEC publicly voices disdain for the idea, it must be a pretty good plan.

Closer to home, David Perno may not fire Brady Wiederhold (which is a bad idea), and Nikola Lomnicka won the national championship in the hammer throw. Elsewhere, I heard that hockey just ended, basketball is still going on, and soccer just started, but I’m not sure I buy any of that.

Go ‘Dawgs!