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Dwayne Polee To St. John's?

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The high school basketball recruiting site Prep Hoops Assist is tweeting (retweeting actually) that Dwayne Polee will be committing to St. John's based upon Polee's tweet to a friend.  That sound you hear is merely the universe folding in on itself, and twenty-seven million teenagers tapping out their OMG!!!!!!'s of pure terror. Do not be alarmed. If in fact the end of days comes in 2012, there will be those who are too busy lightly stabbing their touchscreens with shaky thumbs to find a long-abandoned Cold War era fallout shelter. Believe it.

You might also hear Steve Lavin asking Polee to, in the name of all things holy, not respond to fake facebook Steve Lavin, because even the most casual and ambigous response will be construed in the most sinister terms possible. Anyway, this totally unsubstantiated bit of recruiting rumor comes courtesy of a St. John's basketball blog which may be totally and completely wrong, or totally and completely correct. Make of it what you will, I just thought you all would want to be aware it's out there.

If in fact Mark Fox swung and missed on one of the best players on the West Coast still available during the late signing period, I won't hold it against him. That just means it's time to fully turn the attention east and toward the class of 2011. Eight of Rivals' top hundred players for the class of 2011 reside in Georgia and are so far uncommitted. Those are good numbers for a coach whose program seems to have some upward momentum. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!