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NCAA Tourney Update: Georgia Bulldogs Struggle on Links, Advance in Softball and Tennis

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You already knew that the Diamond Dogs defeated Kentucky last night (by which tankertoad was totally surprised), and I mentioned in passing that Friday was a busy sports day in Bulldog Nation, but I should expound upon that further by calling your attention to the following facts:

1. The Georgia men's golf team is not faring well in its NCAA regional. The squad stands in eleventh place after two rounds.

2. The Georgia softball team defeated Elon in the opening outing of NCAA regional action. The Bulldogs will take on fellow first-game winner Florida State in Athens at noon today.

3. The Georgia men's tennis team is headed to the NCAA quarterfinals to face an opponent from the Big 12 South. The Red and Black advanced by upsetting sixth-seeded Florida.

I believe a line from Meat Loaf is warranted here: "Two out of three ain't bad."

Go 'Dawgs!