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So It's Not Just Us.

One of the dangers of being a blogger or journalist writing about SEC football is that you will eventually write something that makes people despise you. I mean really, down deep and dirty. And the amazing thing is that one can achieve this level of disdain with little or no real effort. Seriously, I know I speak for Kyle when I say that I've been surprised when some of my most innocuous posts have turned out to be the ones that have ended up on message boards being held up for ridicule.

Such, I would surmise, was the experience of John Pennington of Mr. SEC over the summer when he lobbed this little beauty out into the heat, then had to qualify/explain it in an effort to keep his inbox from catching fire. In hindsight, it wasn't that ridiculous. If Mark Richt's Bulldogs had gone 5-7 in 2009, then some among us would have been saying his time in Athens was past.  Those people would be wrong in my opinion, but that's just an opinion. It is a fact however that people have trouble decoding if>>>then propositions placed on the interwebs. So as a blogger, you eventually become numb to the idea that people will just decide that you have it in for their coaches, players or mothers no matter what your stated level of objectivity is*.

The fact is that most bloggers and journalists bear no ill will toward the folks they cover. Unless they work for the Orlando Sentinel, in which case they're obviously bad guys and have it in for you. Pennington illustrated this point yesterday by penning a few words about Mark Richt that should make us all very proud of the guy leading our program. I'm not going to steal John's thunder by quoting from the entry here. But I will say that it's the kind of thing that I couldn't write without being called a flaming homer. And while that's a mantle that I wear with pride, still, it's always nicer to hear someone else brag about your coach. Give it a look-see if you want to feel good about Mark Richt. Or at least better than you already feel about him.

Until tomorrow . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

*This statement does not apply to the mother of Clemson reserve tight end Billy Graplinger. I totally have it in for her because she is a truly loathsome woman who doesn't love the Lord and would kill her next door neighbor for a slice of cheesecake, a pack of Marlboros and a winning scratch-off lottery ticket. But other than her, no animosity.