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Well That Was Quick. Who Wants A Limousine With A Tiger Tail On The Trunk?

No Free Form Friday today, as work has been triply busy these last few days. I normally compile that post on Wednesday and Thursday evening, and this week I was busy doing lawyerly things. May have something "Free Form Saturday"-ish tomorrow, but no guarantees. In the meantime, let us mourn the passing of a tacky gridiron tradition cut down before its prime. 

As Mark Weiszer notes today in the Banner Herald, the NCAA has officially put the ixnay on those caravans of assistant coaches, including University of Georgia coaches, who have been canvassing the south in an attempt to both shock and awe the best and brightest football stars that the high school game has to offer. Effective immediately no more than two assistant coaches from any school may visit a prospective student athlete at any given time.

Dark Richt makes a brief appearance in the article, as Mark Richt slyly notes that his coaches chose this week for their round-the-state "Dream Team" tour because they figured that by next week that type of thing would be verboten. Turns out they were right. While freedom of assembly is still in the Constitution, the freedom to assemble on the lawn outside Isaiah Crowell's third period history class is no longer available. I was really looking forward to Auburn's coaches rolling up to the doors next season not in a gaudy  land yacht, but an actual yacht, with Trooper Taylor and Ted Roof riding on the stern Leo DiCaprio/Kate Winslet-style. Further proof that the NCAA hates America, Americans, and potentially kittens.


Kind of like this, but with stubble. And a backwards baseball cap. Gus Malzahn is steering, I presume.

In other recruiting news, you probably already know that North Carolina QB Christian Lemay will announce his "leader" and two "finalists" this evening at his church. My best guess is that Georgia is the leader, but I don't really know. I am also uncertain exactly what the significance of being Lemay's leader is, so I'm waiting to deal with that until later tonight or tomorrow in hopes that he'll clear things up a little at his announcement. Until later . . .


Go 'Dawgs!!!