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Should the Alabama Crimson Tide be Favored to Repeat as National Champions in 2010?

In response to a recent comment asking why the Diamond Dogs were so bad, I pointed out that one of the problems was the loss of so much talent: Georgia baseball led the nation with eleven student-athletes drafted in 2009. Although the Classic City Canines ought not to have experienced a dropoff in performance as steep as this, a significant step back in 2010 probably was inevitable.

That realization, coming as it did in the midst of the NFL Draft, caused me to wonder why the Alabama Crimson Tide are the favorites to repeat as national champions in 2010.

In the first two days of the 2010 draft, the Tide have lost the following players to the NFL:

No. 8: Rolando McClain
No. 20: Kareem Jackson
No. 50: Javier Arenas
No. 57: Terrence Cody
No. 98: Mike Johnson

The consensus is that the Florida Gators will be down because of how much talent they are losing from the Sunshine State Saurians’ 2009 team, but ‘Bama is going to lose a top ten pick, two of the top 20 picks, three of the top 50 picks, and five of the top 100 picks without missing a beat? Am I missing something here, or is it not outrageous to believe the Tide may lose a game---maybe even two, if such a thing may be imagined---next fall?

I’m just askin’.

Go ‘Dawgs!