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Notes on the Georgia Bulldogs' 2010 Post-Spring Football Depth Chart

You’ve read the quotations and gotten the Senator’s take, and I don’t have much to add about the depth chart, aside from wondering why MaconDawg posted a picture depicting how my son’s birth was announced to the world, but I will note the following:

It’s April. Don’t read too much into it. Remember how inconsequential G-Day was? Well, this depth chart is based on G-Day and the practices leading up to it. This is tentative. Any depth chart that lists Justin Anderson, Caleb King, Fred Munzenmaier, Tanner Strickland, Trinton Sturdivant, and Israel Troupe under "Injured" has to be considered tentative.

If you looked at quarterback first, then you, like the Nazis in "Raiders of the Lost Ark," were digging in the wrong place. I went straight to free safety, just so I could see "18 Bacarri Rambo (6-0, 210, RSo.)" at the top of the depth chart. That was the moment I really, truly knew the Willie Martinez era was over and there was a new sheriff in town. Rambo already saved the game against our biggest rival and earned a future spot on the all-name team, but it’s about time our best defender of the post-Rennie Curran era received the starting spot he deserved long ago.

Defensive coordinators shouldn’t play favorites, but fans still can. That was one of the knocks on Coach Martinez, and a fair one, but I’m on record as being a fan of Tavarres King and Chad Gloer. I’m therefore glad to see them at first-team split end and third-string cornerback, respectively.

Is there such a thing as a four-tight end set? Arthur Lynch is fourth string at the position. You know that underneath route we gave up for a seven- or eight-yard gain a dozen dadgum times a game last year? We need to run that half a dozen times a series next fall.

The player I’m most looking forward to watching next fall is . . . Washaun Ealey. Definitely Washaun Ealey. Unless it’s DeAngelo Tyson. Or maybe Justin Houston. Ah, I’m not fooling anybody . . . as thrilled as I am about the schematic shift on defense, the player I’m most going to enjoy watching is A.J. Green in his final season in silver britches. Let’s not delude ourselves; a year from now, we’re going to be wishing him well following his selection in the NFL draft. We need to accept that and enjoy his last year at Georgia with a level of gratitude we too rarely show our wide receivers.

What did you see (or not see) on the depth chart that caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below.

Go ‘Dawgs!