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Christian LeMay Might be More Likely to Play for the Georgia Bulldogs in the Wake of Zach Mettenberger's Departure, but Don't Forget About Nick Marshall

Those inclined to search for a silver lining in the wake of Zach Mettenberger’s dismissal (a) have come to the wrong weblog if they’re looking for anything with an upbeat tempo, and (b) have pointed to North Carolina gunslinger Christian LeMay, the prep quarterback the Bulldogs hope to land in the hope that, with his arm, Georgia will bomb its SEC opponents back into the stone age.

According to the high school signal caller’s father, the Reverend Stacy LeMay, the player departure that inspired the creation of the "Team Mett" Facebook page "definitely helps Georgia" in the race to secure his son’s services as a collegian. Naturally, I hope the young LeMay’s matriculation in Athens comes to pass, but we should not put all our eggs in one basket. Our focus should be to the south as well as to the north.

Don’t forget about Wilcox County quarterback Nick Marshall, the Charlie Ward-like two-sport phenom whose cousin, Lonnie Outlaw, inked an eleventh-hour letter of intent to play for the ‘Dawgs on national signing day.

As a Peach State native, Marshall undoubtedly hears Georgia mentioned more often in day-to-day conversation than LeMay does; even in our rapidly shrinking and increasingly wired world, word of mouth still counts, and the Bulldogs generate more buzz in South Georgia than in North Carolina.

He may not have gotten the same amount of coverage in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as LeMay in the last couple of days, but you may rest assured that Marshall is every bit as conscious of the void Mettenberger’s departure created that he might fill. Fixing your eyes on one quarterback prospect is no more advisable than a quarterback fixing his eyes on one wide receiver. By all means, pay attention to Christian LeMay, but don’t forget about Nick Marshall. Little by little, the Wilcox County QB is being given more and more reasons to continue his education in his home state.

Go ‘Dawgs!