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At What Point Should Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs Resume Hope?

I know you noticed that Trey Thompkins announced he’s staying and Christian Conley committed to the ‘Dawgs, but did you notice that Georgia athletes could claim a share of the SEC title in men’s tennis this weekend, are competing in the SEC Beach Volleyball Championship, won the College Bass East Super Regional (hat tip: David Hale), have advanced to the semifinals of the Varsity Equestrian National Championships, improved to 33-8 in softball with a sweep of Mississippi State, and are in the running for SEC championships in men’s and women’s golf?

These are favorable signs, but Bulldog fans must be wary of anything that might cause us to slip into a positive mental attitude. What we perceive as the light at the end of the tunnel may, in fact, be the headlamp of an oncoming train. Sometimes, even asking whether matters might be getting better presents a temptation to Fate that guarantees we are just hours away from epic disaster of historic proportions. It is better to treat any hope-inducing indicators simply as part of our 13-second daily allotment of happiness.

At what point, though, must a string of encouraging occurrences be taken as cause for hope rather than further evidence of impending doom as whatever cruel destiny has befallen us sets us up for further crushing disappointment? Please enjoy the music of Great White while casting your vote in the poll below.

Go ‘Dawgs!