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How Bad Is It to be a Georgia Bulldogs Fan Right Now?

While I am thankful for the fact that Spencer Hall regarded the arrest as bureaucratic and mundane after the fashion of most such arrests of Bulldog players, the fact that Zach Mettenberger was arrested over the weekend merely adds to my conviction that University of Georgia athletics should be declared a federal disaster area. Since the Red and Black’s Sugar Bowl beatdown of Hawaii on New Year’s Day 2008, the news has been almost universally bad across the board in all sports, with occasional (and largely ignored) positive developments in the tennis, golf, swimming and diving, equestrian, softball, and (with noteworthy exceptions) gymnastics programs. For some fan bases, March 6 was a perfect day, but Saturday was just another dismal day in Bulldog Nation. We have seen a lot of those in the last two years, two months, and seven days.

I freely admit that I stand firmly in the camp that says the glass is empty spilled shattered into jagged shards that will cut you if you even so much as touch the remnants of the glass half-empty. I recognize (with gratitude, in fact) that others feel differently. Accordingly, I submit the following in an effort to take the temperature of Bulldog Nation:

Go ‘Dawgs!