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What Are the Gym Dogs' Chances of Winning the Columbia Regional?

Although it has been a disappointing season by the Gym Dogs’ lofty standards, Georgia earned the No. 1 seed in the Columbia Regional, is ranked No. 5 in the nation, and produced five all-conference gymnasts at the recent SEC Championships. Accordingly, the Red and Black received a fairly favorable draw in the opening round. Here is how the top four seeds in the Columbia Regional break down:

Team Rank RQS Avg. High Date
Georgia 5 196.895 196.419 197.9 3/6/2010
Oregon St. 8 196.545 196.233 196.925 2/26/2010
Missouri 15 196.085 195.535 196.875 2/26/2010
Minnesota 25 195.16 194.087 195.35 3/27/2010

"RQS" is regional qualifying score. "Date" is the date on which the team in question achieved its high score ("High"). Georgia has the highest regional qualifying score, the highest average score, and the highest high score, and the Gym Dogs hit their high water mark more recently than either of the other top three seeds. As for the other two teams in the Columbia Regional, Iowa has lost four of its last six dual meets, carding scores of 195.175 or below in all but two of them, and North Carolina has exceeded a 194.225 score just twice this year (albeit in the Tar Heels’ two most recent meets).

The top two teams in the Columbia Regional will move on to the NCAA Championships. It would take a significant upset for the Gym Dogs to finish lower than second place on April 10.

Go ‘Dawgs!