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Kentucky Wildcats at Georgia Bulldogs Basketball Game Night Open Comment Thread

There's a lot at stake in this evening's roundball outing. It's the Hoop Dogs' final home game of the year in a season in which Georgia has not lost to an SEC East opponent in Stegeman Coliseum. At 13-14, the Fox Hounds need this win if they are to have any shot at finishing the season with a winning record. Consecutive contests in the Classic City give the Bulldogs their best chance of notching two conference wins in a row. Finally, there needs to be payback for this.

Feel free to join in the fun as the Georgia Bulldogs host the Kentucky Wildcats in a critical contest in Athens. Dive in in the comments below. If we win, does Mark Fox get his face on a bottle of bourbon? Come to think of it, it's only bourbon if you make it in Kentucky, and I'm not sure it's a compliment to put a coach's face on a bottle with the words "sour mash" on it, so maybe we should go with a fine wine, instead. Ah, heck . . . just win, guys.

Go 'Dawgs!