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Diamond Dogs Open SEC Play Against Auburn at Foley Field Tonight

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Tonight, for the first time in three years, the Auburn Tigers will travel to Athens to face the Georgia Bulldogs at Foley Field. The last baseball series between these two teams ended in a three-game sweep by the Diamond Dogs. The Red and Black have won eight straight over the Plainsmen and David Perno is 12-6 against the Tigers in his career.

The Diamond Dogs are getting healthier, as Chase Davidson should be available this weekend, Levi Hyams is creeping closer to full strength, and Kyle Farmer could be back in the batter’s box in a week and may be able to make a contribution defensively earlier than that. (Lest the preceding sentence come across as overly positive, let me direct your attention to Georgia’s presence in the bitter bracket.)

The Plainsman Parking Lot, whom I interviewed yesterday, has posted his "5P Primer" on Georgia, along with my answers to his questions.

Go ‘Dawgs!