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Vote for the Dawg Sports Comment of the Week!

I'm not guaranteeing that this will become a regular weekly feature; in fact, I'd be willing to bet that it will occur only periodically, as circumstances warrant, so as not to devalue the award.

However, it has been a particularly strong week for comments here at Dawg Sports, and, out of recognition of that fact, I am posting a poll to determine which was the week's best comment. If you believe a worthy contender has been omitted, you may cast write-in votes in the comments below by quoting what you believe to be the week's best comment; if you agree with someone else's write-in selection, simply reply to that comment and say so. This is Georgia, so feel free to vote as though you were dead and buried in Telfair County. May the best comment win!

The lucky winner will receive the gratitude of the Dawg Sports community and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Go 'Dawgs!