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Instantaneous Ill-Informed Roundball Wrapup: Georgia Bulldogs 72, Vanderbilt Commodores 58

All right . . . so, wait, you can build up an early lead, lose it, be trailing at the half, come back, and then win? Are you sure they allow that, 'cause I thought the formula was play hard, build a lead, let them cut into it before the break, go into the locker room up by a couple or three but feeling demoralized, and let it get away at the end in the most agonizing fashion imaginable.

So you're saying the Fox Hounds actually are allowed to win one that's close at the half?

I'm sorry, I'm not buying it. I'm thinking the league office is going to review this one and say we have to forfeit it or something. I mean, being down at the break and outscoring the other team after intermission has to be against the rules when we do it, or else we'd do it all the time, wouldn't we? Hang on, I'm checking . . . wait a second while I Google that. . . .

Well, I'll be danged. It turns out we are allowed to do that. Georgia was behind 26-23 and came back to outduel the 'Dores by a 49-32 margin in the second half. Who knew?

Great job, guys. Maybe all those nailbiters were a learning experience, after all.

Could it really be that things are turning around in Bulldog Nation? Could it really?

Go 'Dawgs!