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Dawg Sports On The Radio Tonight.

Tonight I have the pleasure of again going on John Frary's evening radio show on ESPN 1420 from St. Augustine, Florida. It's the Signing Day Wrap-up program, and I'll be discussing Georgia's class of 19 young men who actually want to play football in Athens. I'm told there are a few other guys who went to play football somewhere else. I have discarded their names from my limited memory space, as I only have room for those guys' names or Mack Strong's high school rushing totals during his time at Brookstone School in Columbus( 4414 yards and 83 touchdowns, in case you're interested).

Again I'm scheduled to be up around 7:20-7:30, but they'll get to me when they get to me. Likely after the stream of Gator fans trying to figure out how to Gator chomp over a phone line.

Tonight's backing music will be provided by the emo-tinged, heavy metal blastin' Def Leppard/Morrisey cover band Leprosey, the official poorly-named coverband of Signing Day 2010. Until this evening . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!