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Alabama Crimson Tide at Georgia Bulldogs Basketball Game Day Open Comment Thread

Be forewarned: I will not be providing an instantaneous ill-informed roundball wrapup following this afternoon's game. I will be out of pocket for most of the day and it's a busy weekend of Georgia athletics, what with the Gym Dogs and the Diamond Dogs both being in action, so basketball will have to take a back burner. As always, though, I encourage participation in the fanposts and I will be happy to promote worthwhile work to the front page.

This afternoon's outing is a critical contest for the Fox Hounds. On the plus side, the Hoop Dogs will host a team not unlike themselves at Stegeman Coliseum with no winning streak on the line. On the minus side, it isn't as though Georgia hasn't struggled in winnable games against Yellowhammer State squads.

Hopefully, the home court advantage will tip the balance in the Bulldogs' favor. However the game goes, though, your comments are welcome below.

Go 'Dawgs!