Its the end of the world as we know it...


And I feel fine...

I remember now why I don't read or comment at the AJC.

We all know that recruiting is more or less the silly season of the college football year (with the discussion leading up to the presentation of the trophy for college football's "best" player coming in a close second) and that a recruit isn't really committed until their name's on the line. We also know that the AJC is a legitimate UGA hating, hit whoring newspaper (And I use the word news lightly). Not UGA hating in the "we like to complain about it" ESPN sense.... but in a real, substantial way. I usually avoid it for said reason, but being bored this morning and having already gone through all the Dawgbone links, I somehow found my way over there.

Needless to say, Jeff Whitaker selecting Auburn and Telvin Smith selecting the Seminoles has sent the AJC journalists into a recruiting induced tizzy. I'm not going to post the link because I don't want to give the rag any more page hits.

The brilliant Chip Towers headline? "Dogs jilted again" There hasn't been a lot of good news to report lately, but the approach to every article doesn't have to be "The program iz dooooomed!!!" Maybe I'm getting to into semantics here, but this is just too blatant for my "recruiting fever" to let slide.


Per T. Kyle King

How can you be jilted by someone who was never with you to begin with. Your wife can jilt you. Your kids can jilt you. The cute girl you saw on the street that winked at you as you passed cannot jilt you.

And the comments section isn't even worth going into except to say that apparently in his 2 weeks on the job, Coach Grantham has completely ruined UGA's chances of being good on defense. After all, he did lose two commitments we never had. These people are straight up idiots who likely jumped on the bandwagon before 08 and haven't jumped off yet. I'd suggest we boycott the AJC, but it won't matter because those mouthbreathers will keep clicking.

As it is, I'll just have to thank Chip Towers for reminding me why I don't read his paper.

If I'm going overboard (and I probably am) blame it on the fever. But the AJC says "what has happened in Athens... its the end of the world as we know it". And I can honestly say "I feel fine".

End Rant. I apologize if I've wasted your time. Wake me up if Stripling, Garrison Smith, or Alec Ogletree commit somewhere else. Then we can all panic about being jilted together.

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