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Georgia Bulldogs at Tennessee Volunteers Basketball Game Night Open Comment Thread

On Tuesday, I had occasion to exchange e-mails with Rocky Top Talk's Joel on official SB Nation business, and, at the conclusion of our exchange, I wrote that I would wish him luck in tonight's game but we both knew Bruce Pearl's club wasn't going to need it.

Yes, I'm still skeptical following last weekend's win, because I still remember last Wednesday's loss. While Will Shelton is providing actual insightful basketball analysis, I'm simplifying matters because the situation is not complicated. Look behind the "at" and you'll know whether the Fox Hounds stand a chance.

Tonight, the name behind the "at" is theirs, not ours, which means there are two possibilities: either the Hoop Dogs will register what is unquestionably the biggest win of the Mark Fox era thus far or they will do what they have done in literally every other road game this season and lose. I'm pretty sure the utterly reliable is a better bet than the utterly unprecedented.

Two SEC wins in a row and a road win? I'm not prepared to believe in either, and certainly not in both, but, if you're a glutton for punishment, by all means, have your say in the comments below.

Go 'Dawgs!