Part of the fun of sports is that it allows us to blow off some steam and ridicule the "other" in a...


Part of the fun of sports is that it allows us to blow off some steam and ridicule the "other" in a safe way. No one should ever let team loyalty go past the general mockery phase of fandom, but a little good natured rivalry is good for the soul. When I say I hate Auburn, I don't actually mean that. I hate them in the "sports" sense of hatred. My hatred for those who went to Auburn usually only lasts for three hours a year. And there's nothing wrong with that. But one shouldn't let the colors of their alma mater prevent them from trying to engage their rival fans. The best example is that LSU fans take pride in the fact that we will "Tiger Bait!" the opposition fans, right before giving them free beer and food. Take the "hatred" in stride, and most fans can tailgate together and hopefully, forge some friendships. When you act like a jerk, you give the entire fanbase a bad name, which is why there are hundreds of absurd internet stories about how LSU fans raped and killed fans during their last trip to Baton Rouge. In the end, we're all more similar than we are different. We all are on this internet thing, and we all love our school, and we take pride in their athletic accomplishments. We like the give and take, as long as there is give and take and not just the intent to inflame. And, of course, we all like the Drive-by Truckers. Or should.

I am much obliged to Poseur for this posting, and to Joel for his encouraging words. It almost makes up for being called a liar, for being told that Georgia fans are vile and are the league's second most obnoxious fans, for being informed that Georgia fans have no basis for gloating, and for being told that I lack credibility. Almost. To top it all off, apparently, I have a problem with adjectives and adverbs, too. It just hasn't been my week.