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Georgia Bulldogs at Auburn Tigers Basketball Game Night Open Comment Thread

I would paraphrase Winston Churchill ("We will hate them on the gridiron! We will hate them on the hardwood!"), but, since I earlier today penned a paean to good sportsmanship, I will focus on the visiting Hoop Dogs rather than on the host squad with whom we share such a longstanding rivalry.

The Fox Hounds need this one in the worst way. Auburn, like Georgia, is 2-6 in conference play and one game under .500 overall. If the Red and Black do not win this one, it is doubtful whether the Bulldogs can win any of their remaining games. Certainly, a loss this evening would cause all the good vibrations generated by last weekend's win to dissipate.

Is tonight the night the Hoop Dogs string together consecutive conference victories and give Mark Fox his first true road win? While we're in the process of finding out, feel free to discuss the game in the comments below.

Go 'Dawgs!