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Georgia Bulldogs Basketball/College Football Bowl Game Saturday Open Comment Thread

If you want to get all technical, this comment thread is for, and about, today's men's basketball game between Mark Fox's Georgia Bulldogs and the visiting Arkansas St. Red Wolves. However, today also represents the start of college football bowl season (which the Worldwide Leader calls "Capital One Bowl Week," even though the "week" in question lasts through New Year's Day), as ESPN will be televising the New Mexico Bowl at 2:00, the Humanitarian Bowl at 5:30, and the New Orleans Bowl at 9:00.

Let's do this: start by talking about the Hoop Dogs, and, after that, if the spirit moves you to talk a little college football, hey, go right ahead. It's the holidays; we're going to get a little laid back and relaxed. Just don't spill anything on the rug, all right?

Go 'Dawgs!