Muschamp is a Gator: I can't believe I just typed that

I didn't see this coming. You didn't see this coming. And David Pollack is going to have to change his name (remember his Tweet from earlier in the week?). Will Muschamp, ex-Georgia defensive standout during the Ray Goff era, has become the new Head Coach of the Florida Gators. Our biggest rival. This is treason, pure and simple. Typing this is as bizarre as that unicorn I just shooed out of my front yard.

However, perhaps no one is reeling more this evening than Texas. They just lost their Coach-in-Waiting. Perhaps more staff, as well. Major Applewhite is rumored to be the new offensive coordinator at UF.

Georgia has had success against Muschamp. We whipped him pretty good once when he was at LSU. We whipped him pretty good twice when he was at Auburn. Maybe that whole psychology thing will change now because we know he is beatable.

He's going to be formidable on the recruiting trail. Not that Meyer wasn't...but Muschamp certainly has Georgia connections.

Next year's Cocktail Party just became on hot damn potato. We've got work to do.

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