How to beat Auburn ?

Enough with polls, rankings, and Florida. Let's get on to the task at hand---the last sliver of opportunity for this team to salvage some respect and play like the team that we can be---how do we stop the monster that is Cam Newton ?

I'll either edit or chime back in throughout the day, as I really haven't dissected Auburn from a tactical standpoint top to bottom. I do know that we must:

1. Hit Cam low and wrap up. We've improved on the wrapping up this year, but I still see way too many players (Bacarri Rambo) hitting guys above the waste when they're trying to tackle out in space. This seems to be a recipe for disaster against Cam Newton.

2. Focus on closing the hole as quickly as possible and gang tackling. Perhaps our D-line works extra hard on spin moves to focus on clogging the hole at the last second, even if they themselves are whipped and won't be making the tackle. Cam seems to be his deadliest once he gets to the second level--we have to clog the holes and running lanes at all costs. Gang tackling is a no brainer with a guy this big, fast, and athletic but it should be over emphasized this week in practice.

3. Pursuit angles. This is what worries me the most about this game because we have been poor at this for years and Cam Newton has been making people look like fools all year. How many times has he looked like he was merely jogging while some would-be tackler closes in only to get a pinch of the back of his jersey and a taste of the tailpipes ? I really hope Richt & Co. are working on that this week. If we take poor pursuit angles on Cam when he is out in space, we are absolutely done for. And we will look like fools in the process.

4. Should we put a spy on Cam Newton ?

5. Not sure about our "O" vs. their "D" other than teams score points on them and their secondary is the purported weakness. My gut tells me that they are so worried about our receivers that we could be looking at some success with the tight ends on the intermediate routes. Don't know much about their run D. Other than that, I got nothing.

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