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Saturday Early College Football Open Comment Thread

Since the Georgia Bulldogs' annual showdown with the Auburn Tigers is slated to kick off at 3:30 this afternoon, we will be dividing up the day with a trio of open comment threads. This is your initial comment thread, which will cover the early gridiron action. At 2:30, the comment thread specific to the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry is scheduled to appear. Thereafter, at 7:00, a separate comment thread devoted to the evening college football outings is set to be published. While you will not be banned, warned, or subjected to having your comments deleted if you post in the wrong thread, your fellow members of the Dawg Sports community reserve the right to mock you.

Have at it in the comments below, observing, as always, the rules of decorum within reasonable boundaries.

Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!