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Georgia Bulldogs v. Tennessee Volunteers Game Day Open Comment Thread

I have to tell you, I'm rather worried about today's game, all the more so thanks to the fact that I checked the fanshots this morning and did not find a photo or a video of anyone stepping on an ant at the Arch. Four weeks' worth of bad mojo hangs over Athens like the sword of Damocles. Is this the Saturday the blade falls or the Saturday the curse is lifted?

Either way, this is your game day open comment thread, primarily for use in discussing the Georgia Bulldogs' critical game against the Tennessee Volunteers, but also for use in discussing the day's other sports action, as well. Since I will be in Athens, and, thus, out of pocket, I won't be around, and I expect the same is true of MaconDawg, as well, but that doesn't mean your expressions of hope, dejection, elation, outrage, and the like will be offered in an ungoverned state of nature; as you may have noticed, the masthead at the foot of the page (yeah, I know, it's a masthead, so it shouldn't be at the foot of the page, but some concessions to necessity and practicality must be made, so work with me here) has been updated to show podunkdawg as a moderator.

With apologies for using yet another "Star Trek" reference, you always knew who was in command of the Enterprise at any given moment; if Captain Kirk got up out of the big chair and left the bridge, he always identified a specific crew member as having "the conn." In a recent comment thread, podunkdawg (as the resident "house mother") tried to maintain the order and integrity of the discussion, and someone came back at her by saying she was powerless to shut him up, so she should buzz off. Well, now that has changed. When MaconDawg and I are away, podunkdawg has the conn. She can delete comments, warn commenters, and (in extreme cases) impose bans. Behave, and she'll bring you baked goods; misbehave, and there will be adverse consequences. That seems like an easy call to me.

I am confident that she will not be forced to use these powers, but, hey, we're 1-4, so matters could get out of hand, and, in case they do, we needed someone we all trust to be able to step in and threaten to turn this car around right now. Here's hoping we get the good behavior at the site, and the good play on the field, to reverse all the bad mojo and everyone's bad mood. Either way, though, . . .

Go 'Dawgs!