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Thursday College Football Game Night Open Comment Thread

Seeing as how there was college football on the ESPN family of networks earlier this week, as well, I probably shouldn't have waited until Thursday to open up a game night comment thread, but there's just nothing quite like a main course of two 4-0 Big 12 teams after a Sun Belt appetizer on Tuesday night and a Conference USA soup course on Wednesday night, is there? All right, I agree, it's not that big a deal, but it's college football and it's on, so we both know we'll all be watching.

As an extra added bonus, however, roughly at halftime of tonight's game, you can join The Rocky Top Talk Podcast at 9:00. Since they're previewing the Tennessee Volunteers' upcoming visit to Sanford Stadium, I am scheduled to appear on the show to represent the Georgia Bulldogs.

How's that for a winning combination? Join in the conversation in print here, listen in on the conversation taking place verbally there, then go back to commenting here! (I'm sure one of you will come up with the cleverly subversive idea of commenting on my on-air performance in this comment thread while Joel and I are talking. My guess is that tankertoad will be the one to start it.)

Go 'Dawgs!