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And Now For Some Good News.

You may recall that last week I announced that last Saturday's First Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast would be geared toward not only helping the 'Dawgs, but also the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia. It seems that we were more help to the Food Bank than the football team.

While the Bulldogs were dropping a close one to the Buffaloes, the attendees at the Blind Pig Tavern dropped $200 in the hat to assist those in need. That's roughly 800 meals for the hungry. As a chill slips into the air in the Classic City, those warm plates will help a lot of people. Good work, Dawg Sports. You were like Mother Teresa with a plate full of buffalo wings*.

If you didn't get a chance to come out on Saturday and would still like to contribute, you may make donations directly to the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia online through their website. Or you could just send them a check or some cash the old-fashioned snail mail way. In either event, I'm sure they'll do great things with it. Again, great work, people.



* Don't feel bad. Even Mother Teresa would have trouble saying something nice about the Boboffense.