Continuing the Conversation, Potential Replacements for Bobo, Richt

Over the past few weeks, I think I have made a rather compelling case for the termination of Mike Bobo as the teams Offensive Coordinator. Moreover, the team's recent on field struggles (10-10 in last 20 games) have opened a lot of eyes to the idea that the Mark Richt "hot-seat" talk might actually have merit.

I agree with Paul Westerdawg in saying that there are a plethora of brilliant offensive minds who would kill for the opportunity to coach Georgia's offense. On the same note, there are a plethora of brilliant coaches who would kill for the opportunity to coach a historic program in the SEC.

So, to fulfil my promise to T. Kyle King to keep the conversation going, I would like to submit some of my potential favorites for the two potential vacancies. We'll start with Offensive Coordinator (in no particular order):

Bill Musgrave--Assistant Head Coach/Quarterbacks Coach, Atlanta Falcons

Positives: Relatively young; ties to the Atlanta area and the Southeast; Successful as Offensive Coordinator in NFL; widely known as outstanding developer of quarterbacks; Vast experience coaching the pro-style offense that Georgia currently utilizes

Negatives: Failed as Offensive Coordinator at a different NFL team; no college coaching/recruiting experience

Mike Munchak--Offensive Line Coach, Tennessee Titans

Positives: NFL Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman; relatively young; ties to the South East; Widely regarded as the best offensive line coach in the NFL; known as outstanding motivator

Negatives: No college coaching/recruiting experience; no experience with play-calling or scheming

And now, onto whom I think would make legitimate replacements for Mark Richt (again, in no particular order):

Jim Harbaugh--Head Coach, Stanford University

Positives: Similar offensive style as CMR; known for having brutally tough players; good a getting the most out of sub par talent; would most likely leave Stanford if offered a chance to coach a legitimate NC contender

Negatives: Little to no ties to the SEC recruiting base

Mike Dantonio--Head Coach, Michigan State University

Positives: Outstanding game planner; can recruit well despite his school being "second fiddle" in the State, runs similar offense to CMR; Michigan State Coaches have been known to leave for premiere jobs in the SEC

Negatives: Little to no ties to the SEC recruiting base; comfortable job, can legitimately compete for Big 10 already

Chris Peterson--Head Coach, Boise State University

Positives: Outstanding motivator of men; recruits extremely well; game-plans extremely well; gets outstanding production from sub par talent in big games; has proven to be able to beat top-tier teams with middle-tier talent

Negatives: The former Boise State Coach stigma (see Dan Hawkins); the guy seems to be happy in Boise; no ties to the SEC recruiting base

I would keep all of these guys on my short list were I Greg McGarity.

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